Why Stadia?

We want more people to know Jesus. We’ll help you start a thriving church, no matter where you’re at in the journey.


“What do you actually DO in Stadia’s Discovery Center?”

That’s a great question! Stadia’s Discovery Center, formerly known as Church Planting Assessment Center or CPAC, helps GUIDE YOU to uncover and discern, in the context of community, your calling, readiness, competencies, and role in starting a new church.

“Yes. That’s your mission for Discovery, but what do you actually do?”

The truth is, the Discovery process through Stadia is all about YOU, and what God is doing in YOUR STORY. Our team’s role is to help come alongside you with the tools, relationships, and resources to help you determine your next steps.

Maybe it’s starting a new church.

Maybe it’s something else.

But it’s something. God’s up to something. And we can help. In the past 2 years since we completely reimagined our Discovery Center, we’ve served over 100 potential new-church leaders through our Discovery process. Want a sneak peek at what the process looks like? Read on!

We help YOU take 3 Essential Steps on Your Church Planting Journey:

  1. We help YOU explore your calling.

You might KNOW IN YOUR BONES that you are called. AWESOME! Or maybe you’ve got some questions and need help exploring your experiences and gifting. Either way, we can help guide you through a series of activities (all of which can be completed online) to help you EXPLORE your calling. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive feedback on your own leadership and gifting from your community. That’s phase 1: Exploration.

  1. We help YOU discern your readiness.

If you determine that you’re called to start a church and want to continue in the process, then we help you examine your readiness to start a church. We get it: no leader is perfect. Yet we want you to have a deep understanding of who you are and how you’re wired (including activities that allow you to learn about your relational, financial, and mental health). This phase helps you (and your spouse if you’re married) dig deeper into your life and ministry experiences to better understand where God might be leading you. In this phase, you’ll also meet with a Stadia Team member to talk through your calling and readiness to start a new church. That’s phase 2: Discernment.

  1. We help YOU identify what you’re good at (we called these “new-church leader competencies” at Stadia)

This phase happens at a Discovery Event. We call it “Discovery” (we think we’re pretty clever). This 3-day event, facilitated by the Stadia Team, is all about helping you recognize your competencies in 4 main areas: Gospel Competence, Relational Competence, Entrepreneurial Competence and Cultural/Contextual Competence. You’ll also consider the competency areas where you might need to grow. Through group and individual activities, as well as interview conversations and personal reflection time, this Holy-Spirit centered event provides you space to get away and process your skills and potential fit with different roles within a new-church context. It is a robust few days, but is a sacred experience for anyone who is contemplating starting a new church. After you’ve completed the Discovery phase, you’ll receive a comprehensive report and personalized recommendations based on our new-church leader competencies.

So to sum it up, this process is all about helping YOU. To learn more, visit https://stadia.org/discovery. We’re here for the journey, so let’s keep going! We won’t stop until every child has a church.