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Why Stadia?

We’ll help you start a church no matter where you’re at in the journey.

Why Stadia?

The population is growing, churches are closing, and people need to know the hope of Jesus.


We’re here for the journey

STARTING A CHURCH can be a complicated path to navigate. Our processes and services are designed to help new-church leaders start churches that thrive, grow, and multiply. Because of generous partners & investors, we’re able to offer our services at no-cost to new-church leaders—helping eliminate barriers it takes to start a new church. 

You lead the way

IT’S YOUR CALLING. You understand Jesus’ unique ask on your life. We’re here to make the journey with you and help you start with firm foundations so you can make an impact for the long haul. From Discovery to Cohorts & Coaching and beyond, you get to decide what to do with the recommendations, resources, and relationships we’ll equip you with.
A Diagram showing a line with points of Stadia's Services: Discovery Center, Project Management, Essential Training, Bookkeeping (which is noted with a dollar sign communicating this service is not free), Cohorts and Coaching, Post-Launch Care, Multiplication Lab, and Impact & Multiplication


Discovery Center

Explore, discern, and discover your calling, competencies, and readiness to start a church. Find out how God is using your story. Stadia’s Discovery Center is uniquely designed for both men and women who are ready to delve into the possibility and plans of launching & leading a church.

Project Management

Are you a pro at filling out legal documents? Even if you are, there are other things you should be focusing your time and energy on as a new-church leader! Our Project Managers are highly experienced, not only in ministry but in the nitty-gritty too. You’ll be assigned a Project Manager, and they’ll be there every single step of the way. Think of them as a free teammate.

Essential Training

Stadia’s extensive library of resources covers a variety of topics and trainings that will be essential in your journey. Don’t know where to start with fundraising? We have a course for that.

Cohorts & Coaching

You’ll be able to access 1-on-1 coaching opportunities from experienced & established leaders. Plus, join cohorts to gain tools for strategic planning and find a community that understands the unique joys and struggles of starting a new church.

Post-Launch Care

You’ll receive care, insight, and guidance even after you launch. We want to help you lead your church to thrive, grow, and multiply— for years to come! There’s no expiration date on the relationship we build together.

Church Multiplication Lab

Stadia’s Church Multiplication Lab is a collaborative environment where new-church leaders, multiplication partners, and Stadia team members come together to explore, research, and test new ideas for church multiplication.

Impact & Multiplication

We want to help you start a church that cares about moving beyond your own front door. Our hope is to help new churches and their leaders make disciples who make disciples, and become a church that helps start more new churches, so that the whole world can know Jesus.

Are you ready to start a church?

Most likely, your journey will begin at our Discovery Center. If you think you’re ready to start the process, let us know. 

Are you ready to start a church?

Most likely, your journey will begin at our Discovery Center. If you think you’re ready to start the process, let us know.