Why Stadia?

We want more people to know Jesus. We’ll help you start a thriving church, no matter where you’re at in the journey.


Trekking For New Churches

We’re Making Every Step Count Towards A World Where Every Child Has A Church! 100 miles on the Salkantay Trail in Peru isn’t just a trek, it’s a mission to change lives for eternity. We’re trekking to raise $500,000 to start thriving, growing, multiplying churches not only in Peru but around the world. 

Every Step Counts

With each step, we’ll be helping to build communities and bring hope to over 1,500 children and their families. Our goal is clear: make every step count towards a world where every child has a church. Your support will bring us one step closer to transforming lives and communities with the hope of Jesus. 

Support the Trek

Supporting the 2024 Salkantay Trek is means you’re supporting the start of new churches who intentionally care about children and the next generation! Help us reach our goal of $500,000 and be a part of helping start healthy new churches!