Why Stadia?

We want more people to know Jesus. We’ll help you start a thriving church, no matter where you’re at in the journey.


New Church Leader Onboarding
New Church Leader Onboarding

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is a world where every child has a church.

Our mission is to help you start thriving, growing, multiplying churches for the next generation.



All great partnerships are built on the foundation of meaningful relationships. Just as Jesus stepped near to build relationship with us, we must step near others to build trust and foster generous collaboration that can change the world. We believe that together, we are better!


There are more than seven billion people on this planet – seven billion people who God desperately and deeply loves and who need the hope of Jesus. We must pursue God’s people while we are able so that as many as possible may accept and understand the love of Jesus.


Stadia partners with high impact leaders to plant high impact churches. We discover and prepare planters as well as seek out strategic partnerships that ensure our new churches will change their communities and the world with the hope of Jesus Christ.


Children are close to the heart of God, so they are close to the heart of Stadia. Since the majority of those who make a decision to follow Jesus do so before the age of 18, it is vital that our churches reach the hearts of our children.


When there is a party in Heaven, there should be a party here on earth! Life is a gift and Jesus is a gift, so new life in Jesus is the greatest gift of all! Let’s celebrate it every chance we get!

Points of Contact

Church Multiplication Lab

Stadia’s Church Multiplication Lab (CML) is a collaborative environment where new-church leaders, multiplication partners, and Stadia team members come together to explore, research, and test new ideas for church multiplication. The Church Multiplication Lab brings together people from diverse backgrounds; men and women with experience in a broad range of contexts and church models. Together, they innovate methods and strategies to catalyze worldwide church multiplication. New-church leaders become part of a cohort receiving a range of services including our discovery center, project management, training, coaching, and more to ensure continued thriving, growth, and multiplication.

Click on each box below to learn more and find personal contact info for your guides to each step of your journey to start a new church.

Discovery Center

Heidy Tandy, Director of Discovery & Bloom Catalyst


Stadia’s Discovery Center is three-step process designed to help new church leaders explore, discern, and discover their calling, readiness, and competency to start a new church.


Now powered by Novum — Let a trusted team of church bookkeepers take care of your finances so you can focus on your mission.

The bookkeeper will oversee all of the following services; accounting, fundraising & donor management, payroll management, monthly reconciliation of all accounts, cash flow monitoring, year-end services, financial support through regular communication, as well as detailed monthly reporting. The planter will be responsible for payroll service fees and financial resource fees (QuickBooks, Bill.com user fee, etc.)

New Church Growth and Multiplication

Tim Celek, Director of New Church Growth and Multiplication

Leaders get coaching opportunities and join cohorts to gain tools for strategic planning.

New Church Leader Cohort

Tim Celek, Director of New Church Growth and Multiplication

Leaders get coaching opportunities and join cohorts to gain tools for strategic planning.


Doug Foltz, Senior Director of Project Development

In cohort training, planters meet online weekly with a group of other planters and a cohort leader for learning, encouragement and accountability. These sessions will include live webinars providing practical insights and helpful tools from both experienced church planters and leading voices in the church planting world.

Because the development of one new church will never be able to reach the millions of people who are far from God, Stadia partners with new churches to give them tools to develop church planting residencies in their church from day one. This includes training for residents on MyStadia, a residency-planning template for implementing best practices and standards, and access to Stadia’s discovery process for potential residency candidates.

Project Management

Doug Foltz, Senior Director of Project Development

Leaders receive a Project Manager to give guidance and logistical help. Stadia’s Project Manager initially meets on site with a planter and then regularly with the church planter in a virtual environment until three months after launch. The Project Manager assists with tasks such as vision clarification, goal setting, budgeting, vendor connections, managing timelines and hundreds of administrative details. Having served over 150 church planters, Stadia’s project management team has a depth of experience that accelerates the church planter’s plans, frees up their time for people and helps take the new church from an idea to a reality.

Document Preparation

Doug Foltz, Senior Director of Project Development