Why Stadia?

We want more people to know Jesus. We’ll help you start a thriving church, no matter where you’re at in the journey.


Children singing and dancing in Kids Ministry at a church

Kipos Platform – Coming Soon!

Our Kipos platform–initially released as a church planting app in beta development in 2023–is evolving. After insights from our initial development and beta testing, we are excited to announce that we’re currently in the process of prototyping a new suite of AI-enhanced tools specifically designed for every step of your journey to start and multiply new churches.

Kipos is Greek for “garden,” and is envisioned to be a new ecosystem of AI-driven tools to help you start and multiply new churches.  


Key Features

  • Fusion of new technology with decades of church planting wisdom, experience, and expertise to help start churches on an entirely different scale than ever before.


  • The tools within the Kipos ecosystem have broad applications for assessing, developing, and resourcing church leaders, staff, and volunteers.


  • AI plays a crucial role in the Kipos ecosystem. The AI-enhanced tools enable rapid development, expand the capabilities and capacity of church leaders, and empower a broader group of people than ever before with the training and resources necessary for church startup and leadership.


  • Data collected through the platform adds significant value, providing insights, enhancing decision-making processes, and informing future understanding of various church leadership and startup roles.

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